Sarah Silverman Publicly Apologizes To Paris Hilton For Rude Jokes She Told At Awards Show

Better late than never!

It was back in 2007 at the MTV Awards that comedian Sarah Silverman basically roasted the socialite, Paris Hilton.

This was around the same time that Paris was involved in the DUI that landed her in jail for a night or two.


Earlier this week, Nicky Hilton, Paris’ sister asked Silverman to step up and apologize. 


Sarah Silverman responded on her Podcast saying that she would “never do those jokes today.”  Sarah continued, “I came up in a time when talk show hosts and comedians hired to make fun of pop culture were roasting the biggest celebrities and pop culture icons at the time and nobody was bigger than Paris Hilton.”


Silverman recalls watching Paris in the audience that night being roasted and holding back tears.   Silverman did admit to sending Paris an apology letter in the mail soon after but received no response.