Seniors Are Spending A Lot of Time on Social Media!

It helps keep them busy!

According to new research, it is not just a young people’s problem.  The average 65 and older spends nearly 300 hours a year on social media.

A survey of 2,000 seniors who use social media looked at their usage and habits and found that they spend an average of 47 minutes every day on these platforms.

Nearly a quarter can’t seem to get enough, spending upwards of an hour every day scrolling (24%).

Seniors spend the most time on Facebook (75%), YouTube (28%) and Instagram (10%).

While half of respondents use social media to kill time (54%), others reconnect with friends (61%) and stay in touch with other loved ones (58%).

Nearly four in 10 have even made a new friend on social media (39%).

It has proved to be useful in other ways, too, with a majority saying they’ve learned something new from social media that was helpful in their lives (63%).

The research found that seniors are most interested in health-related content online…Followed closely by food-related content, entertainment and politics!