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Your Morning Mimosa (minus the hangover!)

Want your mornings to start with a laugh? Tune in to Kool Mornings with Dale and Charlie! This dynamic duo brings the perfect blend of hilarious chaos and relatable fun. Sure, they have their differences … but like Orange Juice and Champagne, they make every morning a great morning. Together, they'll have you snorting your coffee (or tea!)

Don't miss out on the perfect way to wake up and greet Barrie with a dose of good times, up-to-date news and great company!

Charlie from Kool Mornings in the studio

About Charlie

The World’s Okayest Mom

A self-proclaimed “okay mom”, I spend half my time trying not to embarrass myself and the other half trying to raise two boys who both appear to have my personality. Becoming a broadcaster was a dream fueled by the radio DJs who ruled the airwaves back in the 80s and 90s. Now the dream is to have enough "me time" to obsess over my love of nostalgia. The friendships I've built in Barrie are what truly make this community special. You are judged by the company you keep… so thank you for being my company!

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Dale from Kool Mornings in the studio

About Dale

The King of Me Time

When people ask me what my hometown is, I tell them it's Barrie. Oh, I wasn't born here, but make no mistake, this is my hometown.  And when it comes to careers... waking up to laugh with Charlie and you, makes getting up at 3:30 every day much easier. 
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll get back to planning my next trip or placing my next wager because, remember, "Work to live. Don't live to work"!
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