Six Little-Known US Beach Laws That May Shock You-And One In Toronto!

It's almost beach season!

Beaches are a place of relaxation, fun and, in some cases, strange laws. In a general sense, a lot of beaches follow the same basic rules. 

Don’t litter. Leave your furry friend home. No glass containers or bottles. 

Some beaches around the United States have more specific laws for visitors to keep in mind. 

Here are a few.

  1. No digging holes
  2. Keep sand on the beach
  3. Under 17? No pinball-playing allowed
  4. Singing and swimsuits do not mix
  5. You won’t find any oranges around Miami Beach
  6. No Frisbee throwing

We really shouldn’t judge our American friends as this country comes with its weird laws…

For example, you can’t sell edible underwear without a food licence! (Ok, that one was overturned) 

Here’s one… You can’t just jump in the lake in Toronto!

According to the Toronto Port Authority, you can’t swim anywhere in the harbour that has not been designated as a swimming area by the City of Toronto