Sleeping With Your Pet May Be Beneficial!

But pet placebo is also a thing!

A survey of 2,000 pet owners discovered that seven in 10 believe they get better quality sleep when their pet is in bed with them at night. Half (51%) even reported having a pet in bed helps them manage their stress and anxiety.


Overall, 47% of pet owners note it’s easier to settle in for the night when their pet is next to them, and 42% said the company also makes them feel more secure.


The survey found that most people (nearly 80%) treat their pets like humans, and 66% allow their animal family members to sleep on their bed with them.


While over half (54%) of individuals said they allow their pets in bed specifically because they’re considered family, 58% of those in relationships would prefer to share their bed with their pets versus their partners.


While the study found owners may feel their sleep is better when shared with a pet, this could be a pet placebo.


Owners reported their pets to disrupt their sleep an average of at least two nights per week, and nearly a quarter of respondents said their animal companions’ restlessness “always” wakes them up in the middle of the night.


When it comes to sleep schedules, two-thirds of respondents admit their pet’s internal clock is better than theirs — acting as alarm clocks in the mornings.


Meanwhile, roughly the same percentage (64%) said their pets also have a self-assigned nightly bedtime, which they also use to set their sleep schedule — with 57% of pet owners reporting their bedtime is impacted when their pet decides to go to sleep.


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  1. They are part of the family and need to be together for bedtime – 54%
  2. It helps lower stress/anxiety – 51%
  3. It’s easier to settle in for the night –  47%
  4. People wake up more rested and get better quality sleep – 44%
  5. It makes them feel more secure at night – 42%