Why People Prefer Their Pets Over Their Partners!

Six in 10 people would rather snuggle up with a pet than a partner, new research suggests

A recent survey of 2,000 pet owners found that 61% would prefer to share their couch or bed with their pet over their significant other.


The reason? Two-thirds said their pet is usually a cleaner and quieter companion.


The survey also found that four in 10 also reported a higher quality of sleep when sharing their sofa or bed with their pet, likely because their fur pal doesn’t wake up to use the bathroom or disturb their slumber by snoring.


Half of pets forgo their regular bed in favour of a carpet or rug, while 37% nap on a table. Twenty-nine percent of fur pals have also gotten cozy on the laundry.


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And people sometimes do the same. In fact, about as many people have used laundry as a bed. While over half have slept or napped on their couch, others admitted to catching some Zs in more unconventional places, including a carpet or rug and a table or desk.


Overall, the average respondent spends 41 minutes a week sleeping or napping somewhere other than their bed, most commonly their couch, with more than half saying that’s their preferred napping spot.



Couch (51%)
Carpet or rug (44%)
Armchair (43%)
Table or desk (36%)
On top of laundry (30%)
Outside (15%)