UPDATE: Third Sleight-of-Hand Theft Reported In Region

Barrie and South Simcoe Police put out the warning after thefts last Thursday

July 31

There’s been another ‘sleight-of-hand’ theft reported in Bradford.

A 668-year-old man tells South Simcoe Police a car pulled up to the end of his driveway (Thursday) in the Holland and Barrie Streets neighbourhood. He says a woman asked for directions and before he knew it she was putting necklaces around his neck and a ring on his finger.

It was a few hours later he discovered his own necklace was gone from around his neck.

The female suspect is described as white, possibly of Turkish descent, between the ages of 45-50 with a round face and a scarf on her head. The victim says a male was driving what may have been a silver Volkswagon Jetta.

An 83-year-old woman, sitting on her porch near Simcoe and William Streets, was victimized the same day

Barrie Police are investigating a third such theft last week as well.

July 27

Barrie and South Simcoe Police are putting out a warning about a new sleight-of-hand theft. The incident happened in a parking lot at Vespra and Anne Streets Thursday afternoon.

Constable Nicole Rodgers on what you should watch for.

Rodgers notes the older population seems to be the biggest target for these suspects.

Female Suspect Description:

  • Caucasian
  • 5’8″, heavy build
  • Wearing a bandana and long dress both in a flower print

Limited descriptors were observed of the other two suspects however the male driver appeared to be white with a dark complexion and thin build and the female in the back seat appeared to be in her early 20s. The trio was driving a silver vehicle, possibly a Pontiac Sunfire.