‘Slow Travel’ Trend Is Surging In 2023

Make it more meaningful!

Holidays can often feel rushed as you try and cram in as much fun as possible.  The idea of a vacation is to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed afterwards.  This isn’t always the case.

This is why perhaps that ‘Slow Travel’ is gaining popularity again and is all about a more purposeful pace.

It’s an approach to travel that encourages people to seek a deeper connection with the people and places they visit, as well as more meaningful experiences for themselves,’ according to travel experts.

Slow travel focuses less on ticking off all the classic tourist sites to post on social media and, instead, embracing the present moment and magic of being in that destination.

Essentially, it’s all about taking your time and soaking up what a place has to offer – like a local, not a tourist.

Slow travel refers to travelling in a country in a way that almost resembles how a resident would, rather than the mainstream option of going to a holiday resort and missing out on most of the culture and experiences that cities and towns have to offer. 

‘Instead, using public transport, finding guides and experiencing the local food, people, and culture – rather than an all-inclusive-type holiday.’

Experts say this is why the trend is resurfacing now. 

Following years of on-and-off restrictions, people are now looking to explore what different countries and regions have to offer and immerse themselves in the culture – and there’s no rush to hurry home, especially after having spent lots of time there in lockdown.