Snapchat Influencer Has Unveiled A ChatGPT AI Doppelgänger

Anyone else think this would be a great side hustle?

A 23-year-old Snapchat influencer named Caryn Marjorie has unveiled a ChatGPT-powered AI doppelgänger of herself that engages in erotic pillow talk — for $1 a minute.

The CarynAI, a salacious Snapchat bot who boasts over 1,000 boyfriends, with whom she discusses everything from plans for the future to, well, sex…

Caryn says she devised the bot to “cure loneliness.” ( or horniness) 

The dudes are lining up to date CarynAI as there is currently a 26-hour waiting list to interface with her…

She achieved this lofty goal by enlisting AI company Forever Voices, which has created digital pay-to-talk doppelgängers of everyone from Taylor Swift to Donald Trump.

To concoct CarynAI, programmers analyzed thousands of hours of Marjorie’s now-deleted YouTube content to create a parallel personality.

They then infused it with GPT — the software that powers OpenAI’s omnipresent Microsoft ChatGPT bot — and voilà, this romantic companion avatar was born.

Unsurprisingly, buying AI love is not cheap, running users $60 per hour to chat with the synthetic soulmate for what seems like a glorified phone sex session.

CarynAI is on track to make a whopping $5 million a month!

It’s getting to the point where some experts even wondered if the human race will eventually prefer artificial relationships to the real deal.