Some Of The Funniest Year Book Quotes EVER!

“Fries before Guys”

Remember in June when you’d get your yearbook!  It was so exciting to see what people would quote under their photo!  Also the fun of getting everyone to sign your yearbook?  Good time!  Here are some of the funniest year book quotes as we celebrate the graduating class of 2020!

  • High School Was Easy. It Was Like Riding A Bike. Except The Bike Was On Fire & The Ground Was On Fire & Everything Was On Fire Because It Was Hell
  • Why Fall in Love when you can fall asleep
  • Waking Up Is The Second Hardest Thing In The Morning
  • I Started High School With Straight A’s, Now I’m Not Even Straight
  • I Spent 113,880 Hours Of My Life For A Paper And A Handshake
  • I Asked God For A Bike, But I Know God Doesn’t Work That Way, So I Stole A Bike And Asked God For Forgiveness
  • My A’s Turned To B’s And So Did My Grades, God Bless
  • Education Is Important But Big Biceps Are Importanter
  • Not Pregnant, Just Eatin’ Good
  • Remember To Always Be Yourself, Unless You Suck. Then Pretend To Be Someone Else
  • That Wasn’t Like High School Musical At All
  • Goodbye Everyone, I’ll Remember You All In Therapy
  • You’re All Gonna Regret Not Dating Me In High School