Spontaneous Sex Isn’t The Hottest, According to a New Study!

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait, Said No Guy Ever When It Comes To Sex

New research from York University published in the Journal of Sex Research found that planning can be just as sexy and satisfying as spontaneous sex — despite popular beliefs otherwise.

Researchers wanted to determine if people’s beliefs around planned sex and spontaneous sex correlated with their satisfaction afterward.

Researchers two groups of people and found that while many people do endorse the ideal of spontaneous sex, there was no difference in their reported satisfaction of their last actual sexual encounter – whether it was planned or unplanned.

The research did find that spontaneous sex was more desired, but there were no real complaints about a planned session. Take what you can get!

The researchers also noted that many important and enjoyable parts of life are planned — such as vacations or pursuing a career — and sex can be approached in the same way.