Staying Home Made People Realize That They Don’t Need A Gym Membership To Workout!

A new survey finds that two out of three people realized that they can work out from home

This survey analyzed 2000 people who regularly exercise and found their new at-home workouts are also improving things in the bedroom.


Nearly one in five respondents said keeping up with a workout routine at home has led to better sex during the lockdown.

Another perk of at-home workouts is finding some peace and quiet –  85% said their new routines have allowed them to find time for themselves away from the family.

Over half of those surveyed said that their top motivating factors to work out while at home included improving their overall health, closely followed by boosting their energy levels and improving their mental health.




  1. Feeling more confident in trying new fitness activities I normally wouldn’t do – 48%
  2. Flexibility on the hours I can work out – 48%
  3. Flexibility on the variety of fitness activities I can do – 46%
  4. Improved mental health – 44%
  5. Not feeling judged by others as I would feel in a gym setting – 43%
  6. More motivation – 39%
  7. No more commuting to the gym – 36%