Study Finds That Men Who Believe They’re Less Well-endowed Are More Likely To Drive Fast Cars

It's an ego thing! LOL!

New research suggests that there may be some truth to the theory that men who are drawn to sports cars are compensating for something.

Titled “Small Penises and Fast Cars: Evidence for a Psychological Link,” the study was conducted at a London University and has yet to be peer-reviewed, but purports to connect the belief that one’s penis is small with an attraction to sports cars. 

In order to determine their findings, 200 male subjects between the ages of 18-74 were required to drop trousers in front of anybody with a lab coat and a measuring tape. 

The men were then asked a series of questions including if they would like to own a sports car.  And those men who thought they were less endowed said yes…

The desire for the sports car was higher in men 30+.