Supply Chain Issues Could Lead To Alcohol Shortages!

Parts of the United States are already feeling this supply issue!

OMG!  I can’t find my favourite wine!



The global supply chain continues to be affected by the pandemic and this disruption way cause a less Merry Christmas!



There’s been gridlock at the Port of Los Angeles, where shipping containers holding products like toys and sneakers have been stuck offshore. Alcohol is among those products affected, CNN reported.



Large food producers warn some of their products could be limited come fall and winter. Some fear President Joe Biden’s Dec. 18 mandate for companies who work with the federal government to lay off employees who don’t get vaccinated for COVID-19 will make matters worse.



Canada is also feeling the pain with inventory on certain booze in PEI also in short supply. 

The LCBO warned us back in the summer that there were supply issues. Now granted, back in the summer the supply issues were being blamed on its new warehouse management system…



However, as the holiday season approaches and the need for alcohol becomes a MUST-HAVE, be prepared that you may have to make sacrifices on your favourite brands…