Suspect Of Bradford Booze Theft Was Already In Custody Sleeping It Off

List Of Charges Against Man Under Court Order To Stay Away From The Sauce

It didn’t take long for one suspect to allegedly dispose of the evidence. South Simcoe Police say they got the call around 2:00 yesterday afternoon to an LCBO on Holland St. in Bradford. That’s where employees claim a guy came in and stole two bottles of liquor in a theft caught on camera. The responding officer watched the store surveillance footage then went back to the stationhouse to file a report. Imagine his surprise, when he saw a man who looked like the suspect on the video, locked up in the drunk tank. Police say the 22-year-old man was picked up on a Public Intoxication charge in Lefroy, but now the Newmarket resident faces a few other charges. South Simcoe Police add he was already under court order not to even go into a liquor store, let alone consume the stuff.