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Manimals slams live online theatre, gaming (including mobile gaming), audience
interaction, and performance art into an innovative one-woman show.

“Tinder meets Black Mirror” – From Page to Stage (4 stars)

Join Michelle for the launch of Manimals – a new dating app that makes dating fun and gets you swiping on men posing with exotic animals. Michelle draws on her own experiences of dating, love, and game design in this interactive show, guaranteed to get you on the fast track to love!
But when you try to win a partner at all costs, what do you lose?

Manimals is playful, interactive, and offers a glimpse into the world of online dating inspired by the artist’s real-life dating experiences and past relationships. This production contains mature content and is not suitable for individuals under the age of 18.

Supported by Arts Council England.

Show details:
Running time: 1 hour 25 minutes

Participant requirements:

1 ticket per audience member; Manimals is designed as an experience for individuals, not groups of people, even if they share a household. Every audience member will need an email address, laptop AND mobile phone (two devices per person are needed to fully take part in the show), access to Zoom with their own Zoom account, and a good internet connection. Tablets will work in a pinch instead of a laptop, but some elements of the experience are lessened.

We need email addresses of ticket holders in advance to send some lightly in-character pre-show content, including details for how to join the show online. A short technical briefing session for audience members is held at the beginning of every show to make sure that everyone understands how to use the technology.

All data (email addresses) will be held securely, used only for the production, and deleted after use.

Ticket information:
Live audience size: 25
Ticket price: (CAN) £0

Dates & times:
Canada – Talk is Free Theatre
Friday 5 March: 5PM
Saturday 6 March: 1PM (Live Captioned Performance) & 5PM
Sunday 7 March: 1PM & 5PM
Friday 12 March: 5PM
Saturday 13 March: 1PM & 5PM
Sunday 14 March: 1PM & 5PM

One accessible, live captioned performance (Saturday 6 March 1PM).

Sexually explicit content/nudity, strong language, use of balloons, audience interaction. Above 18s only.