Teachers On TikTok Offer Up Their “Secret Code” When Talking To Parents About Their Child

Dale does not apply himself!

A teacher on TikTok with the user name @bored_teacher is revealing the “secret code” that teachers use to communicate with parents about their kids via email.

According to many teachers, this is what common phrases mean when they email you about your kid.

“When we use phrases like, ‘Your child is very social,’ that means they won’t stop talking.”

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If teachers say that your child’s excitement is contagious, it means that they will “not calm down.”

“If they’re a ‘natural born leader,’ your child is super bossy.”

“‘Your son is going to make a great lawyer’ which is code for: your kid won’t stop arguing with me.” 

While many teachers don’t sugarcoat your child’s behaviour and will tell you like it is.  If you come across some of these more delicate phrases, now you know what they mean.