I can't even pop the hood!

Car prices are crazy because of the big computer chip shortage, and now experts think it might last another year or more.


So if you can keep your old junker going a little bit longer, you might save a few bucks.  A recent poll asked people what type of car repairs they can do themselves.


Here are ten things people said they’ve done without the help of a mechanic.

1.  Install new windshield wipers.  36% of Americans have done it before.

2.  Add more wiper fluid, 34%.

3.  Change your own oil?  28% of Americans have done it themselves.

4.  Install a new battery, 27%.

5.  Change your air filter, 26%.

6.  Change a tire, 21%.

7.  Replace a headlight, 21%.

8.  Replace a spark plug, 15%.

9.  Change a fuse, 14%.

10.  Replace a side mirror.  Only 6% have done that one.