The 30 Things Workers Would Rather Do Than Ask For A Pay Raise!

What would you do?

Cash-strapped workers would rather change their lifestyle than face an uncomfortable conversation with their boss to ask for a pay rise.

A study of 2000 employees found they feel awkward, nervous and anxious about asking for more money from their employer.

As a result, many would prefer to simply cut back on eating out, ditch treats and even sell their belongings than try to increase their income.

Others would shy away from asking for a pay raise by cutting their hair rather than going to a hairdresser, downgrade their car and rent out a room in their home.

44 percent have stepped up to ask for a salary increase at some point in their career, and 30 percent didn’t get one.

As a result, people are adjusting their lifestyles which includes cancelling subscriptions and even using less toilet paper!

Top 30 things workers would rather do than ask for a pay raise!

  1. Avoid eating out
  2. Avoid takeaways
  3. Do DIY jobs myself rather than pay a professional
  4. Cut back on treats e.g. chocolate
  5. Buy No Name brand items rather than named brands
  6. Wear layers around the home rather than put the heating on
  7. Eat leftovers
  8. Use my car less e.g. walk or cycle instead
  9. Spend less on birthdays/anniversaries
  10. Sleep in layers rather than put the heating on
  11. Work from home more to save money on the commute
  12. Avoid buying takeaway coffee
  13. Cook in bulk
  14. Sell personal belongings e.g. on Facebook Marketplace
  15. Cancel subscriptions e.g. Netflix, Spotify etc.
  16. Put fewer clothes washes on
  17. Buy clothes from charity shops rather than new
  18. Cut my hair rather than pay a hairdresser
  19. Avoid using the dishwasher
  20. Pay in cash rather than my card to easily budget
  21. Cancel my gym membership
  22. Grow my fruit and veg
  23. Only heat one room of my home
  24. Wash my hair less frequently
  25. Only use one pump of soap
  26. Feed my pet leftover human food rather than buy them separate food
  27. Upcycle clothes rather than buying new
  28. Use less toilet roll
  29. Take fewer showers
  30. Use old towels instead of kitchen roll