Congrats to Gary Diceman who won $500 during the $10,000 game!

  1. What is it called when a writer gives a hint of what is to happen later in the story?





  1. Name the arctic whale that has one long horn on its head





  1. What is Sleeping Beauty’s name?
    (Aurora/Princess Aurora)






  1. What is the name of the highway that goes from one end of Canada to the other?






  1. How many colours are in a rainbow?






  1. SPELL: Heirloom.
    (H E I R L O O M)






  1. When a volcano erupts onto Earth’s surface, it’s called lava. What do you call molten rock BEFORE it has erupted?






  1. There are five different singing ranges; Which one is the highest?






  1. What is the perimeter of a square with sides seven centimetres long?
    (7×4 = 28)






  1. What do you call the rotating rod a ‘rotisserie’ is cooked on?