The Average Adult Spends This Many Years of Their Lives On ‘Autopilot’

Well, this is depressing!

The average adult spends the equivalent of just over 10 years of their lives on ‘autopilot’ – following the same routines and rituals day in and day out.

This equates to 1,396 hours each year, 27 hours a week or nearly four hours a day doing the same things.

A quarter of people even admitted they drift through five or more hours a day without any real thought about what they are doing, according to a new poll/

64 percent of adults claimed their daily routine hardly ever changes.

The top five things people are likely to do in the same way every day include getting dressed or showering at the same time of day, and eating the same breakfast.

Almost 80 percent of those who feel they are stuck in a rut of repetitive routines feel this holds them back from achieving their goals, including travelling the world, learning a new instrument, and starting to invest.

Top 10 Goals Adults Want To Achieve But Have Yet To Action

  1. Learn a new skill or craft
  2. Travel the world
  3. Start a new career
  4. Learn an instrument
  5. Start investing
  6. Reignite friendships
  7. Write a book
  8. Research family tree
  9. Start a business
  10. Go back into education / retrain