The Average Junk Drawer Contains Contain Six Batteries, three phone chargers, five ‘unspecified’ cables – and four takeout menus

It’s also home to four mysterious keys with no known lock, six pens and pencils, and five instruction manuals

A new study found that the “drawer of stuff” is usually in the kitchen, but a quarter says they have one by their front door.


When something is lost, this drawer is the first place people look according to this odd study.  


Other items most commonly found in the “junk drawer” include random screwdrivers, different types of tape, matches, old receipts, and lint rollers.


And here’s the thing, one drawer is never enough. One in five people has even had so much overspill from their ‘main’ junk drawer they’ve had to press two others around the house into service.


But 52 percent of respondents confess to finding a good old rummage through their drawer ‘therapeutic’.


This draw accumulates things that don’t really have a place, or simply because you might need something from that drawer someday.



1. Pens/Pencils

2. Batteries

3. Sticky tape

4. Measuring tape

5. Scissors

6. Blu tack

7. Superglue

8. Paper clips

9. Screwdriver

10. Torch

11. Phone chargers

12. Unspecified wires and cables

13. Safety pins

14. Spare keys

15. Envelopes

16. Instruction manuals

17. Adaptors

18. Keys to locks you no longer use/have

19. Lighters

20. Takeaway menus