The Average Kid Gets Bored in This Many Minutes…

It truly is a different time!

A new survey has found the average parent has to come up with four new activities daily to keep their children entertained. 

The poll of 2,000 parents found four in 10 parents always or often struggle to find ideas to keep their kids entertained.

And while most parents believe their children have active imaginations, the average kid gets bored in just 33 minutes and 47% of children quickly become bored with what they’re doing.

A third of parents said they feel stressed about finding new ideas for their kids as a result.

The study revealed that 81% of parents have found their children are always looking for something to do when they come home from school or daycare.

Parents shared that, outside of the classroom, their kids are more likely to watch TV (80%) than to play with toys (67%). Many also said their kids like to play with siblings and friends after class (62%) or play with play sets (35%).

Over half are concerned about the amount of time their kids spend in front of a screen. The average kid reportedly spends 13 hours in front of a screen per week.


  • Do arts and crafts with them – 64%
  • Let them have more time to play outside – 62%
  • Offer them books to read – 50%
  • Encourage them to have playdates with friends – 40%