The Average People Takes This Many Photos A Day

Say, Cheese!

The average person whips out their phone to take a photo six times each day.

A survey of 2,000 adults revealed that camera rolls are flooded with group photos with friends and family as well as photos of friends and family without them in it.

Selfies, pet pics and scenery also topped the list of frequent photos.

Respondents are likely to take photos at events such as graduations, weddings, vacations and sporting events — with the average person taking nearly 23 pics per event.

Following the event, respondents will look back on those photos a little more than once per month, or 13 times per year.  

Respondents admit they spent nearly 40% of the event on their phones taking photos. This may be because 45% feel like they need to take pictures to remember the event in detail.

Results also revealed that the average person has nearly 3,000 photos (2,795) in their camera roll, and would like to print out more than one-third of them, but don’t.


  • Because they want to look back at the moment later – 65%
  • It’s something unusual/something they’ve never seen before – 61%
  • Based on whether or not they want to show someone else – 58%
  • It’s something they want to post on social media – 38%
  • Cuteness factor – 29%
  • It’s something a friend or family member would like to see – 28%
  • They want to add it to their photo book – 15%