The Average Person Loses 10 Nights of Sleep Per Month And Here’s Why!

This may be why you can't sleep!

New research suggests that getting more sleep may be better than having extra money in the bank when it comes to increasing happiness.

A survey of 2,000 adults examined the connection between happiness and sleep, revealing that 40% of those who are “very happy” with their lives are more likely to get “excellent” sleep.

Respondents listed the lack of quality sleep (45%) as the main reason why they don’t feel present in their lives, followed by stress (43%), lack of exercise or motivation (38%), lack of social life (34%) and burnout from their home lives (33%).

And to increase their happiness, people shared that they need to feel less stressed (45%) and more rested (43%). Spending more time with their kids (38%) or getting a raise/promotion (36%) can also make people happier.

The poll found that the average person experiences 10 sleepless nights per month. 

Having the right amount of sleep goes a long way since 40% of respondents say they’re more likely to eat healthier and go to the gym if they do so.

And sleep may help them in their sex and home lives: almost four in five of all respondents are likelier to be more intimate with their partners, prepare a home-cooked meal and spend more time with their kids with good sleep.

Respondents also shared their must-haves for good sleep, which include having comfy pillows (50%), setting the ideal room temperature (49%), and having their electronics off an hour before bed (34%).

Nearly a third prefer reading a book and listening to music/podcasts (both 30%) before they hit the sack. And for a quarter, melatonin is essential for quality sleep (25%).

Overall, almost six in 10 say they’re determined not to have bad sleep get in the way of living their lives (58%).