The Average Person Loses This Many Hours of Sleep Worrying About Debt

The struggle is real and so is the worry!

The average person loses over 200 hours of sleep per year over what they owe and has three “debt nightmares” a week, according to new research.



A survey of 2,000 adults looked at how debt affects their daily lives and found that people reported an increase in anxiety, stress and moodiness because of their debt problems.



More than two-thirds of respondents who have been in debt said that it has made them withdraw from the things they love.



The survey revealed that most people (77%) would feel guilty spending money on leisure items knowing they’re in debt.



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Three in five respondents also admitted feeling pressured to spend money they can’t afford so they could hide their financial situation.



If in debt, people would also sacrifice going on vacation (49%), date nights (38%) or attending a wedding (36%) because of their debt woes. A third of respondents would even say “no” to a night out with their friends.



  1. Credit card bills (45%)
  2. Medical loans (34%)
  3. Mortgages (32%)
  4. Student loans (31%)
  5. Personal loans (29%)