The Average Person Will Attend This Many Holiday Gatherings! 

Why not try something different this year!

According to new research, the average person will visit five different houses this winter.

Maybe four if we get a snowstorm….

A survey of 2,000 adults looked at their social calendars for this winter and found that the average person will attend five different gatherings this holiday season.

Results showed that a majority of respondents are excited about the holiday season, even if they don’t celebrate one of the common winter holidays (84%).

Three in four are expecting to be busier during the holiday season this year, especially those who will be hosting others (85%).

The survey found that surprisingly, nearly two-thirds of those surveyed wish they were visiting others even more often (62%).

The most common gatherings include Christmas/Holiday parties, office/work functions, Christmas Eve and Day, And New Year’s Eve!

One in seven are attending a Secret Santa event!

However; the survey found that about 20% of people want to skip events, particularly Christmas dinner and New Year’s parties…

Interestingly, respondents are also more excited to spend time with co-workers (49%) and neighbours (44%) at these gatherings above their family orientation (30%).