The Average Person Will Spend More Than 100 Days Of Their Lives Deciding What To Watch

We are wasting so much time!

A new study has found that people will typically flick through eight TV channels and or nine movie titles before making a final decision on what to watch.


In an average week, 24 minutes and 24 seconds are spent deciding what TV shows to watch, and 24 minutes 93 seconds are spent selecting films.


This results in 55 days across an adult lifetime choosing what to watch on TV and a further 57 days agreeing on a blockbuster.


Over a third of people admit that there are now too many choices and it’s overwhelming!

Almost half of the people say that sometimes it takes so long to decided what to watch, they end up just going to bed and watching nothing.


The study also found females are more likely to be the decision-makers when choosing what to watch on TV according to 67 percent of them.


On average there are at least two arguments over what to watch each month.