The Average Person Will Waste This Much Money On Bad Online Purchases In Their Life Time

Upwards of $70,000

We’ve all been there, buying something online that we thought would be totally awesome, but turned out to be a total disappointment.


Remember the TIK TOK leggings that Charlie bought?  Epic fail!


In a recent survey, 2,000 respondents said they typically spend an average of $899 per year on disappointing online purchases, with clothing, tech, and toys/kid products topping the list.



Specific disappointments often include the quality, size and colour of the purchase upon its arrival.  Here are some of the most common complaints…



● “I ordered a leather jacket and when it arrived, it was a plastic jacket.”

● “Steaks that tasted like shoes.”

● “Supplements to help me lose weight, but I gained weight instead.”

● “Wrong name on the personalized jersey for [my] son.”

● “An alarm clock — it had only one brightness button and you could not lower the brightness. It was so bright you couldn’t use it.”

● “A fan that did not blow enough air.”

● “It was a Nike Air Force 1 shoe, turns out it [was] fake.”

● “Recliner chair — very uncomfortable.”