The Average Streamer Doesn’t Make That Much Money!

It's not all that awesome!

It’s not all fun and games — a new survey has revealed seven in 10 gamers stream their content, and about half ever actually make money from it.

The poll of 2,000 US video game players, split by generation, found making a career out of live streaming, though, can be a daunting task. Fifty-one percent have made money from it, and of them, the average person has only made $1,264 within the past 12 months.

Knowing this, still, 10% will still consider quitting their job to stream full-time.

Four in five millennials surveyed especially consider streaming a real job industry, closely followed by Gen Z (79%). Perhaps unsurprisingly, baby boomers were found to be the least likely to consider it a “real job” (46%).


  1. Collaborating with other streamers or content creators – 56%
  2. Earning money from streaming – 53%
  3. Streaming on a regular schedule – 48%
  4. Picking up sponsorships/brand deals – 48%
  5. Having a specific number of regular viewers – 41%
  6. Working for a company that offers a role streaming – 31%

Respondents also defined a successful streaming career as maintaining an average of 3,277 regular viewers per month and making an average of $29,172, annually. You should also be streaming for an average of 22 hours per week.

Good equipment is Key also… (a computer, chair, headphones, etc.) (61%), fast internet connection (50%), a good camera set up (48%) and a high-quality mic (45%).

59% believe becoming a “successful” streamer is an easy task; only 21% said it’s difficult.