The Average Woman Will Pop More Than 4000 Pimples In Their lifetime


The average woman pops a total of 65 pimples every year. That works out to 4,153 popped zits in the average woman’s lifetime.


Over eight in ten women admit to popping pimples, however, over half (58%) don’t do it right and now have at least one scar.


One reason? Over three-quarters of those who pop zits say they know it’s bad for their pores, but the urge to pop is just too strong.


Conducted by OnePoll on behalf of Truly Beauty, the survey also examined the most common skincare sins among respondents.


Top “Skincare Sins” 

Popping pimples (81%)
Taking long, hot showers (49%)
Not washing your face before bed (43%)
Using pore strips (42%)
Not wearing sunscreen when outdoors (39%)
Using charcoal peel-off masks (38%)
Falling asleep wearing makeup (35%)
Not changing your pillowcase every two weeks (35%)
Using makeup wipes daily (32%)
Using face scrubs containing walnut (21%)
Using sonic face cleanser brushes (20%)


Top Questionable DIY Skincare Practices

Using toothpaste to shrink zits (27%)
Using hydrogen peroxide to help heal wounds or cuts on your face (27%)
Using coconut oil as a skin anti-inflammatory (23%)
Using witch hazel as an astringent (22%)
Using a sea salt scrub (17%)
Applying undiluted essential oils to the skin (16%)
Using honey as an acne treatment (15%)
Using lemons to lighten skin (14%)
Using baking soda as an exfoliant (13%)
Using apple cider vinegar as a toner (13%)