The Benefits Of A Solo Vacation!

This should be on everyone's bucket list!

Solo travellers have revealed the best things about holidaying alone – including eating when and where they want, not having to compromise and taking time to explore.

A study of 2,000 adults found two-thirds have been on a trip on their own, with 37 percent of those saying that it’s better than travelling with others.

Making their own decisions came top of the list of perks while feeling free and going to bed when they want also featured.

Yes, Not listening to my husband ‘snore choke’ after drinking too much sounds glorious…

Travelling alone also allows them to step outside of their comfort zone and learn new things about themselves…

Top 20 Benefits of Sole Holidays, According To Travellers

  1. Making your own decisions
  2. Doing what you want to do when you want to do it
  3. Eating where or what you want
  4. Planning your day with no one else to consider
  5. Feeling free
  6. Having the whole day to do what you want
  7. Take your time exploring
  8. Doing everything you want to do
  9. Spending as much or as little money on what you want
  10. Not having to go somewhere just because someone else wants to
  11. You can be as sociable or as anti-social as you want to be
  12. Going to bed when you want
  13. Not having to compromise
  14. No waiting around for others to get ready / go out for the day
  15. Not having to commit to social plans with others
  16. No annoying habits to put up with e.g. snoring, moaning about walking far etc
  17. Free time to reflect or think
  18. Shopping without feeling like you’re dragging someone else around
  19. Stepping outside of your comfort zone
  20. Waking up when you want