I was reading a FB post from a friend of mine who had just returned from a Caribbean cruise.  They had such a good time and felt so secure with the procedures that were followed by the staff and crew, that they are ready for another one, with the whole family.  And as I prepare for my next getaway, I began to wonder… especially in light of recent (almost daily) changes to travel rules and regulations, if you aren’t in the mood to travel right now, is it Covid or government travel rules and regulations keeping you grounded?

It’s no secret that I love to travel.  We’ve been fortunate enough to enjoy many adventures all around the world.


Travel for us is very important and, as you know, this pandemic has made it, and so many other things, very difficult.  In fact, for a while, it was downright impossible!  That, to a degree, has begun to change.  Yet there are still many challenges to heading off on vacation to see family or friends… or to see the world.

And that’s why I posed this question, “If you’re not travelling yet, is it due to Covid or government travel rules?”

So much is being reported on things like ‘the arrival in Canada testing’ and ‘negative test within 1 day of your US bound flight’.  And while both of these rules seem like one more roadblock, let’s be honest, there have always been obstacles to easy travel.  It was not too long ago that the thought of removing your shoes and belts to get through security would have seemed ridiculous, and yet…

But for now, and hopefully ‘just for now’, these are the cards we’ve been dealt.  Many things in life have rules and restrictions attached to them.  As the holidays appraoch, they will become more glaring and yet we will persevere.  This is my approach to travel.  As long as I continue to follow the guidelines and remain vigilant, I don’t want to let Covid or government regulations keep me from doing something that I find vital to my mental well being.

So if you were thinking that a trip would do you a world of good, stop and think, “What’s really holding me back?”