The Best And Safest Foods To Order On A First Date!

Don't embarrass yourself!

People agree that the first date should always involve a meal, but won’t risk eating messy foods until the fourth date.


A new survey found that four in ten people said that being a good cook is a total turn-on when it comes to finding a mate.


The survey asked what foods were best to order on a first date.


Pizza came out on top . . . followed by burgers, salad, steak, and ice cream.  The rest of the top 10 was:  A roast dinner, lasagna, chicken wings, stir fry, and a chocolate brownie.


Oysters were named the #1 food to AVOID on a first date . . . followed by mussels, sushi, crab, lobster, curry, tuna steak, prawns, ribs, and corn on the cob.