The Best And Worst Air-Ports In North America

Anyone who's travelled through Pearson is not surprised!

An annual customer satisfaction survey conducted by data analytics firm J.D. Power revealed on Wednesday the best and worst airports in North America for 2023. 

And, despite ongoing industry problems surrounding pilot and air traffic control shortages, severe weather, and terminal crowds, overall satisfaction increased this year.

Ranked across three categories — mega, large, and medium — the best airports in North America this year are Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport, Tampa International Airport, and Indianapolis International Airport, respectively.

No Canadian airport cracked the mega-airport list, but Calgary International Airport ranked highest for large airports, placing 10th out of 27.

According to J.D. Power, mega airports handle at least 33 million passengers per year, large airports host between 10 and 32.9 million, and medium airports see between 4.5 and 9.9 million.

Some 27,000 surveys were collected this year, with questions focusing on terminal facilities, airport arrival and departure, security, check-in, food/drink/retail vendors, and baggage claim.

The Worst airports are:

Canada’s busiest airport, Pearson International ranked 20th out of 21 mega-sized airports across North America. Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey came in last.

So why do Canadian Airports suck compared to US ports? According to the study; Canadian airports lack the funding to improve their facilities due to differing financial governance structures where airlines invest in airport facilities. They predict that without funding Canadian airports will fall further and further behind not only US airports…but overall around the world.