The Best Cities For A Quickie! No, Not That

Get your head out of the gutter!

According to a recent Hotwire survey, an overwhelming 75% of Americans and people all over want to travel more to make up for trips they couldn’t take over the last 18 months.



What’s more, the overwhelming majority of those surveyed (83%) are after quick, spontaneous trips to meet their travel needs. 



This is where travel app Hotwire’s “Best Cities for a Quickie” Index comes in.



According to the survey, people are looking for a last-minute “quickie” trip of 2 to 3 nights because it’s less stressful to plan.



People seem to enjoy the quickie because it’s more spontaneous, it’s cheaper and it’s more fun! 



The survey also suggests that people are willing to splurge on experiences, expensive meals as well as spa treatments. 



Top American cities for quickies are


New York City
Washington DC
Las Vegas
San Diego


The Best Quickie spots in Canada Are (according to


Niagara on the Lake, ON
Ottawa, ON
Montreal, Quebec
Banff, Alberta
Okanagan Valley, BC
Victoria, BC
Bruce Peninsula, ON
Calgary, Alberta
Bay of Fundy, NS and NB
Cape Breton, NS