The Best Employees By Generation

According to a recent survey, 3 in 4 managers find it difficult to work with GenZ

There is a perception among some that GenZers aren’t as hardworking, driven, or resilient as other generations.

In April, surveyed 1,344 managers and business leaders and found 74% believe GenZ is more difficult to work with than other generations.

The reason managers find GenZers to be challenging employees is they feel they lack technological skills, effort, and motivation, among other skills and traits.

Of respondents who say GenZ is the most difficult generation to work with, 34% say they prefer to work with Millennials, 30% with GenX, and 4% with Baby Boomers.

For those who prefer Millennials, the top reasons are they believe this group is the most productive and has the best technological skills.

Other managers prefer GenX because they feel they are the most honest and productive.

Of the managers who indicated they find GenZ difficult to work with, 59% say they’ve fired a GenZer.

Many say it’s more common that they need to let GenZ workers go. 19% of managers and business leaders say it’s much more common and 46% say it’s somewhat more common.

Some have decided to part ways with their GenZ employees rather quickly. Twenty percent say they’ve had to fire a GenZ employee within a week of the employee’s start date, while 27% say within a month.

The top reasons according to respondents that GenZers get fired are they lack motivation and effort and are too easily offended.