What are the best things to come out of the 90s?

A new study asked 2000 people about the best things to come out of the 90s. TV, Music, and fashion were all an important part of the decade!


According to the study, the best fashion trends included double denim, low-rise jeans, and choker necklaces.


Those yearning for the decade thinks the best things included CD Walkman’s, VHS tapes, and video rental shops.

 Other blasts from the past include Nokia 3210s, Game Boys, and MSN instant messenger.

While Polly Pocket and POGS are toys people associate with the 90s.

Just under two-fifths of those polled via OnePoll see the 90s as vintage, with around 37 percent agreeing it was the best decade they have lived through.




1.            Friends

2.            The Simpsons

3.            Crystal Maze

4.            Spice Girls

5.            VHS tapes

6.            Titanic

7.            Take That

8.            Video rental shops

9.            CD Walkman’s

10.          Nokia 3210s

11.          Harry Potter fever

12.          The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

13.          Playing snake on your phone

14.          Buffy the Vampire Slayer

15.          Ab Fab

16.          Art Attack

17.          Sabrina the Teenage Witch

18.          Westlife

19.          Britney Spears

20.          Sex and the City

21.          Boyzone

22.          Saved by the Bell

23.          Britpop

24.          Baywatch

25.          Game Boys

26.          AOL/MSN Instant Messenger

27.          Byker Grove

28.          Backstreet Boys

29.          Live and Kicking

30.          SMTV Live

31.          Tamagotchis

32.          The Macarena

33.          B*Witched

34.          Destiny’s Child

35.          Keenan and Kel

36.          Beanie Babies

37.          Romeo & Juliet

38.          10 Things I Hate About You

39.          Polly Pocket

40.          Round the Twist

41.          Dawson’s Creek

42.          Clueless

43.          Space Jam

44.          New Kids on the Block

45.          Groovy Chick

46.          Power Rangers

47.          Pogs

48.          N*Sync

49.          Sweet Valley High

50.          Sister Sister