The Biggest Decisions We Make In Life!

According to a new study, deciding whether or not to have children is life’s biggest decision.

Researchers found the discussion on whether or not to bring another life into the world takes more soul searching than filing for divorce or moving house.



Other agonizing decisions to make the top 30 list include moving abroad – and getting a pet.



The study found over two-thirds agreed there is pressure on young people to make important decisions when it’s too early to know what they want.



One in seven claimed settling down with a partner was their first major life choice. The study also pinpointed the age at which we make the most vital choices as being 28.




Life’s biggest decisions

1. Having children
2. Getting married
3. Moving house
4. Learning to drive
5. Retiring
6. Buying a property with a partner
7. Breaking up with a partner
8. Choosing to save or spend money
9. Getting a divorce
10. Quitting a job
11. Moving cities
12. Moving abroad
13. Getting a pet
14. Going travelling
15. Standing up for yourself
16. Quitting smoking
17. Investing money
18. Removing toxic friends
19. Changing career later in life
20. Whether to go to university or not
21. Choosing a career sector
22. Opening your own business
23. Staying in touch with friends
24. Choice of the degree to study
25. Putting an elderly relative in a care home
26. Deciding between renting or buying
27. A-level choices
28. GCSE choices
29. Buying a new car
30. Turning down/accepting a promotion