The Biggest Sacrifices People Admit To Making On Their Weight Loss Journey

9 in 10 adults say that they’ve tried at least one strategy for weight loss…

A poll of 2,000 adults revealed that 91% have tried at least one strategy for weight loss, with half revealing that they’ve tried 11 different methods of weight loss. 

About 25% of people said they’ve tried upwards of 16 different weight-loss strategies.

32% of respondents who have been on a weight loss journey reported successfully losing weight but then gaining it back, with only 28% percent reporting successfully losing weight and keeping it off.

But going on a weight loss journey doesn’t appear to be sustainable for many, as respondents described their overall experience with weight loss as “overwhelming” and “unsuccessful” while only 15% described their weight loss experience as “rewarding.”

Nonetheless, people are willing to make major sacrifices to achieve their weight loss goals.

The survey revealed that most respondents felt that losing weight required more sacrifice than having kids, cutting back on finances and even starting a new job. 

Respondents felt they had to sacrifice their happiness, mental well-being and love or relationships to lose weight.

More than half (54%) have even given up on losing weight because they felt they were sacrificing too much. 

Reasons For Wantings To Lose Weight!


Want to feel more confident with their bodies
Want to feel healthier overall
Wanting to be able to do an activity without stopping (taking a long walk, climbing stairs)
Wanting to have more energy

Fun fact: Almost 80% of respondents want to be healthier, not thinner.