Just eat!

Some people have personal “hacks” to help deal with Jet Lag, and most of them involve sleep patterns.  But maybe it has more to do with what you eat.

Researchers from Northwestern University say that the quickest way to “recalibrate” your internal clock is to immediately sync up to the regular meal times in your new time zone.  So if you just got off a long flight, but it’s morning where you landed, enjoy a big breakfast, even if you’ve been on the go for almost a full day.

The researchers say jet lag isn’t just about a disruption in your internal clock, your body has multiple clocks, and jet lag happens when they have conflicting time cues.  For example, the brain’s clock is influenced by sunlight, but other organs adjust their clocks during specific meal times that you’re used to.

The idea is to trick your body into thinking that you weren’t on a flight and that the current time in your new time zone is also your current time.  (Well, that’s easier said than done.)