The Euro Cup Hangover!

So, how are you feeling today?

It’s Monday morning and you have to go to work with boozy breath, a banging headache, and waves of nausea that are making you feel seasick.


Experts shared their tried-and-tested hangover remedies to get you through:


Stay Hydrated!  Drink lots of water!  Add detoxifying citrus fruits such as lemon and lime to the water or even cucumber and strawberries will help!


Sleep!  Although this may not be possible today when you get home-hit the hay!


Eat Breakfast!  Eating in the AM is a quick and effective way to reduce hangover pain.  Just don’t overdo it with greasy foods as it could make you feel worse.


Get outside! Getting yourself outside and breathing in fresh air may also help, as this will allow oxygen to the brain and lungs and may also help you feel less sick, says one expert. ‘Try deep breathing exercises when you are outside to allow even more oxygen into the lungs and blood.’


Try CBD! Touted as a miracle remedy for almost any ailment, this could be the perfect time to try CBD oil if you haven’t before.