The First Ever Florida Man Games….

It will feature beer belly wrestling and ‘Evading Arrest’ Obstacle Course!

It’s not the Olympics, but it’s their Olympics. A group of Floridians plan to host a competition that will involve beer, gators, rap sheets and mullets.  

The group was inspired thanks to the social media phenomenon known as “Florida Man.”

Organizers of the “Florida Man Games” describe the competition as “the most insane athletic showdown on Earth.” 

The games will poke fun at Florida’s reputation for producing strange news stories involving guns, drugs, booze and reptiles — or some combination of the four.

Among the contests planned for next February in St. Augustine, Florida, according to organizers, are the Evading Arrest Obstacle Course in which contestants jump over fences and through yards while being chased by real police officers; the Category 5 Cash Grab in which participants try to grab as much money in a wind-blowing booth; and the self-explanatory beer-belly wrestling.

The games will be held in February in Florida….

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