The Funniest and Sexiest Accents!

Perhaps this is why Siri's voice in Australian...

Would you be more likely to hook up with someone with an accent?  71% of us find them attractive.  But it depends on where the person’s from.

A new poll ranked various accents across a bunch of different categories.  Everything from which ones we find sexiest, to the ones we just think sound the funniest.  Here’s what America has to say . . .

1.  The sexiest accent is Australian.  The rest of the top five are Scottish, English, Irish, and French.

2.  The accent we find the least sexy is a New York accent.  American accents dominate that list in general.  The rest of the five least-sexy accents are Boston, Midwest, Canadian, and Southern drawl.

3.  The most confident accent is Boston.  So if you’re from Beantown, you might not sound sexy, but you do sound sure of yourself.  A New Zealand accent is next, and then German.  A Boston accent also ranked first for most assertive.

4.  The most annoying accent is Boston again.  New York is next.

5.  The smartest-sounding accent is British.  Germany ranked second.

6.  The most romantic, most seductive, and most beautiful accent overall is  French.  Scottish also made the top three on all of those lists.  (The show “Outlander” might have something to do with that.)

7.  And finally, the funniest accent in the world is Canadian.  Scottish is next, and then Australia.  A Canadian accent was also rated the most boring overall.