The GREATEST Movie of All Time is… Paddington 2

Paddington 2 Surpasses Citizen Kane as Top-Rated Film on Rotten Tomatoes

Ever since Citizen Kane came out in 1941, it’s been hailed as the greatest movie of all time

However, it’s now dethroned from its perfect Rotten Tomatoes status by an unlikely contender: the
2018 family flick Paddington 2.

Someone updated the Rotten Tomatoes account for Citizen Kane to include a previously missing 80-
year-old review that criticized the film, dropping its score from 100% to 99%.

The write-up originally ran in print in the Chicago Tribune back on May 7th, 1941. In her review for that issue of the paper, critic Mae Tinee makes it hilariously clear that she doesn’t think Citizen Kane is the pinnacle of cinema.