The Hottest Delivery Drivers!

Tis the season!

Food, grocery, package and other delivery drivers are making their way into our fantasies and romantic desires!

A survey of 1,000 people reveals how they feel about couriers and how their looks could affect your tips.

Key takeaways!

  • People crowned Amazon uniforms and drivers the hottest.
  • Half of the people admit to tipping attractive delivery drivers more, averaging a 30% higher tip.
  • 37% of people have fantasized about hooking up in a delivery driver’s truck, and 23% have attempted to seduce a delivery driver.
  • Married people are 67% more likely than unmarried people to give attractive drivers higher-than-average tips.
  • 37% of people have flirted with their delivery driver, and 45% said a delivery driver has flirted with them.

People confessed to plenty of scandalous things, like kissing their driver!

Hottest Drivers according to this survey

DHL- Not a fan (They always charge me duty)