The Ideal Timeline For Big Relationship Milestones

When should everything important happen in a relationship? polled a bunch of people, and here’s what they said . . .


1.  Having sex?  The most popular answer was one month in.  17% said a week or less.

2. Saying “I love you”? 60% said six months or less . . . including 23% who said in the first MONTH. And 4% said in the first week.

3.  Meeting each other’s family?  The top answer was around three months in.

4.  First vacation together?  Most said within a year.  Six months was the #1 answer.

5.  Moving in together?  Around the one-year mark.

6.  Proposing?  48% said one to three years in.  Less than 10% said longer than that.

7.  Buying a home?  In a perfect world, one to three years.

8.  Having a baby?  Two years was the top answer.  But one in eight people said that waiting five years or more would be ideal.