The Little Things That People Are Most Looking Forward To This Summer!

Longer days, browsing shops, and hitting a patio!

A study of 2,000 adults found that 77% believe that summer 2021 will improve people’s mood, as we should be able to move around more and socialize.


A newer normal should be able to happen this summer as the majority of adults get a least one vaccine and restrictions are eased.


The survey found that the beginning of summertime signifies positivity, happiness, and a new start.


More than two-thirds are more excited for summer this year than in previous years because they can spend time outside with family and friends, escape their home and, travel within their country.


“Many are also keen to reinvent themselves – the study shows that people are really looking forward to a trip to the hairdressers or barbers (as many cities are still in lockdown) and buying new things like clothes, accessories, and makeup.”


The study also found people typically hope to attend three social events each week when they can.




1. Longer days and sunny evenings

2. Blue skies

3. Visiting somewhere by the sea

4. Sitting in a pub garden

5. A weekend break

6. A trip to the countryside

7. A more positive mood

8. Eating food you have not cooked

9. Going to the hairdressers/barbers

10. Browsing shops

11. Having a barbeque

12. A holiday abroad

13. Getting a tan/summer glow

14. Going for brunch

15. Visiting a museum or gallery

16. Swimming

17. Trying on clothes in a shop

18. A theatre show

19. Attending a music event/concert

20. Sitting outside on your lunch break