The Main Reason People Love Their Jobs Is Because Of Their Co-workers, Not The Actual Work

It's easy to get up in the morning when you're motivated!

A new survey says that almost 70% of people “love” their current job!  Over 40% are now said to be in their “dream job.” 


Over 80% of men love their job compared to just under 60% of women!


And the biggest factor that people cite as a reason for loving their job is the other people they work with.


Just over 44% said that it’s their colleagues and clients who make it all worth it, followed by 39% who cited their actual roles and responsibilities.


Interestingly, about 75% of people said they do what they do because it allows them more freedom to do what they love outside of work!


The majority of people worry about getting burned out, with increasing workloads, and stressors being key factors.




  • Clients and co-workers they interact with (44%)
  • Your roles and responsibilities (39%)
  • The ability to maintain a good work/life balance (39%)
  • The industry they work in (34%)
  • Manager/boss (30%)