It's Library, NOT "libary"

You can probably think of several face-palm moments with your significant other where it took them a little too long to realize something obvious.  And they can probably think of some of yours too.

But there are special, next-level situations when people online say they realized they’re “DATING A DUMMY.”  And here are some fun examples:

1.  “I told a guy I was dating he needed more humility, and he responded with, ‘Why would I want to be humiliated?’”

2.  “My ex-husband pronounced ATM like ‘Adam.’”

3.  “She thought that rust was one of the chemical elements.  You know like: oxygen, neon, silver, uranium, rust.”

4.  “He thought my portobello mushrooms weren’t cooked through, because they were white on the inside.”

5.  “She was a 40-something woman, and asked ‘Is duck an animal?”

6.  “My ex asked me, ‘What kind of animal is Mickey Mouse?’”

7.  “He didn’t know what colour red and yellow make when mixed.”

8.  “I had to teach my ex how to locate a book in a library.  We were both college graduates.”

9.  “My ex didn’t know what order the months go in.  I asked him to learn, and he got mad and said ‘No, that it isn’t something I’m interested in.’”

10.  “My ex asked me, ‘Where does the sun go at night?’”

11.  “I had a partner who stacked cups when putting them in the dishwasher.”

12.  “I dated a girl in high school, and we were at the mall one day, looking at a mall directory.  She asked me how the map knew where we were standing.  You know, the star on the map that says, ‘You are here.’  “I explained that the map was where we were standing, and we are reading it, but after 10 minutes of trying to explain, she still didn’t get it.”  (???)